Before welcoming you, a presentation and a few words about the fabulous and fragile VCA2020 venue.

Under the watchfull eye of the Aisne Departmental Board

Under the watchful eye of the Aisne Departmental Board
The château de Fère-en-Tardenois is an exceptional place, has been included in the list of historic monuments 1862 and is now carefully maintained by the Aisne departmental board. The local authority, very active in the restoration of the cultural heritage, has been the owner of the ruins for over 20 years now and offers disadvantaged people opportunities to return to the workplace and spotlight this master piece, a hyphen between Middle Ages and Renaissance period..


Of historical places

On the Road of coronations, in 1206, Comte Robert II of Dreux, grand-son of the King of France Louis VI, acquired the land Fere, and there erected a fortress.
The Masters of Fere, who succeed one another inside the castle, have left the imprint of their passage.
In 1539, Anne de Montmorency turns the Fortress into a Luxury Castle and built in 1560 a Viaduct of Pur Style Renaissance replacing the medieval bridge.

The castle was dismantled in 1779 to sell the furniture and materials component.
The building was converted into a Castle Modern in 1863.
This was one of the first castles that have been converted into a hotel in 1956.

Mandatory precautions !

For over 10 years now, the association Viking Classic has been organizing cars events for which we are used to choose prestigious sites and domains.
In 2010, the VCA2010 took place in the Château de Beauregard park in the Touraine region. The owners had been legitimately fussy about their domain.
The requirements have been the same in the castle of Pray and the castle of Valmer for the VCR2018. Each time, we returned the places in perfect conditions and we aim to do the same in Chateau de Fère.
It is a key point of our engagement towards our hosts and of our reputation.
To do so, a member of our team will welcome and accompany you from your arrival to your car place at a snail's pace (in order to care your car and the environment)

The VCA2020 rules and local area land use plans defined by our logistics manager Philippe Tranchon, will be strictly applied. Philippe is an architect and is thus very much concerned by the infrastructure's conservation and by security items.
Each car parked on its place will not be authorised to move during the exhibition time.
Any movement of a vehicle will lead to a definitive departure. We encourage you to respect the same safety recommendations during the ruin's visits. Don't forget to have a watchful eye on the kids and use systematically the dustbins.
Respect of the castle and good spirit will be the key words of the day…!

This unique place, we are proud to welcome you in, is really worth any precautions and respect required.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation. See you soon …!



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